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Life code – My formula to success

I’m currently reading Dr Phil’s latest book called – “Life Code”. In this book, he describes his thought process on how people become successful in life. What initially captured my attention in this book were the following remarks:

“What is it that this person does that has contributed to their success ? Education ? Intelligence ? Commitment ? Passion ? Social skills ? Risk-taking ? Analytical skills ? Was it their strategy of problem solving or maybe their negotiation skills, philosophy, or coping skills ?”

He further states that: Success does not happen by accident; people don’t just get lucky. Success is created and, just as importantly, once obtained, it must be managed and protected.”

My formula to achieving success is a combination of a healthy mindset, plenty of hard workpatience,discipline, a strong vision, a love for what you do, having your own set of principles, and the ability to ignore the skeptics during the high and low periods of your career or life.

I have spent the past 20 years discovering what it takes to be entrepreneurial; ‘coping’ with the realities of being self employed;maintaining my enthusiasm;‘managing’ and ‘protecting’ my public profile as a successful coach, and simply learning to accept set-backsand failure on your journey to Mt Everest.

Interesting enough, I often come across people amongst my business networks that assume that establishing a healthy business comes overnight or with a couple of years of hard work. They also assume that with some money, or perhaps with a little luck, success is guaranteed. Because of their naive point of view, I am always compelled to share my philosophy and experience to them regarding the real formula to success.

What is interesting to note is that most naive people in business fail to accept the realities of successful entrepreneurship. The real truth is that ‘success’ in whatever shape or form is a complex equation of many factors coming together (ie. the stars all aligning) that increase your chances of winning and achieving your life’s goals.

The sad truth is that achieving success is like running a long marathon. Only those who are bravefitdetermined, and able to tolerate high levels of emotional pain, will make it to the finish line. From experience, this equates to only about 10% of people.

So, are you a champion, willing to go that extra mile to secure your future success ?

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