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My interview with Jack Delosa

I recently met Jack Delosa (Founder of The Entourage) at his recent book launch in Melbourne earlier this month.

My encounter with Jack was a prelude towards my forthcoming interview with this serial entrepreneur on my InspireTalk radio show on the 24th May, 2016 at 8pm (AEST), with my co-host Laura Huxley.

My mission was to get a better understanding about Jack’s philosophy to entrepreneurship and why he is ‘Disrupting Business Education through Passion, Innovation, and Collaboration’.

To ‘Dream’ is to Succeed:

What struck me about Jack, was his humble character and attitude towards life and business.  As Jack was introducing his book Unwritten to his guests, I was drawn to his solid experience in entrepreneurship, and his philosophy to the meaning of ‘success’; the importance of having a ‘legacy’ and a ‘vision’; and why it is so important to “Dream out Loud“, as Jack would say.

In particular, his story about Martin Luther King‘s famous speech in 1963 (I have a dream) resonated well with me.  As Jack was describing this historical moment, I kept thinking about my earlier humble years in business, and the ‘visions of grandeur’ I had about going into business, and doing something out of my life that I would love, feel passionate about, and essentially ‘live my own dream’.  By the time I was 30 years old, I had built my first multi-million dollar business with a humble designer stationery product.  I share this story in a video titled “An Intimate Moment with Federico Re”.

My Endeavour to read “Unwritten”:

After my initial encounter with Jack , I was compelled to read ‘Unwritten‘, and explore Jack’s deeper thoughts around his vision and mission for ‘The Entourage’.  Within just 48 hours, I had completed this endeavour as a result of the invaluable and inspiring content of information being shared by Jack in this book …… (I must confess that on average, it takes me around 6 months to read a book, most often leading to giving up at the 50% mark as a result of loosing interest !).

Questions for Jack:

My efforts to read this book yielded a vast array of key questions which I will be asking Jack at my radio show. Some of these questions include:

1. Why the Sistine Chapel in Rome inspired Jack to write his book ?

2. How can every person have the potential to achieve success like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Einstein ?

3. What is the greatest enemy or opponent to ‘innovation’ in a typical business ?

Join us:

I invite you to listen in and hear Jack, Laura, and myself chat in an intimate 30 minute session on Google Hangout. You even have the chance to send Jack a question !

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a business owner seeking ways to exponentially grow your business to new heights of success, or simply an ordinary person seeking an extraordinary life, this interview with Jack is not to be missed !

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