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Surviving and Thriving during the Corona Virus Scare

Most of us are facing the CoronaVirus panic attack at the moment. Scary, but true. 😲

Everyday we are bombarded with negative news and headlines, which is doing no good for business and consumer confidence.

By nature we are risk averse and fearful under these circumstances. This is a natural self defence mechanism built into our DNA. The mindset of the entrepreneur or gamechanger however, is fundamentally wired differently. By nature, we go against the grain; we are battlers & risk-takers; we don’t fall victim to popular belief or listen to the sceptics; we collaborate with others, and we do whatever it takes to ‘thrive’, and actualise new opportunities during & after the pandemic has ravaged our nation and globe !

True leaders stay calm, apply wisdom, & look beyond the storm with a mindset of positivity. 🕺 They focus on the endgame and mid / long term opportunity. I’ve personally experienced this myself during September 11; the GFC, and also SARS. Looking back, I survived as a business coach and pursued my career ambitions because of this philosophy and practice.

Instead of relying on the ‘Government Economic Stimulus Package to survive, develop an ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET to thrive instead !

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