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The $5,000 Business Basics Grants Program

It’s great to see how the Queensland Government is trying to support startups, and small businesses during Covid.

Starting a new business or trying to scale up your existing venture, is no easy task. That’s why engaging in a business coach or business mentor can be an incredibly valuable decision you will ever make. In addition, a business coach will be able to assist with:

  • Increasing confidence and effective decision-making;
  • Removing anxieties, fears, and limiting beliefs;
  • Increasing mental clarity and focus for ultimate performance and resilience;
  • Increasing your accountability with your coach, to ensure you maintain your progress and momentum for growth;
  • Developing confidence in pitching or selling your product or service to your client or prospect;
  • Developing resilience towards setbacks or failures, your sceptics, or the challenges of every-day life;
  • Enhancing the performance of your business operation by addressing time management issues, prioritisation of tasks, exploring opportunities for your business, as well as addressing issues that may limit growth and performance including your competitors, changing market trends / economic conditions, and so much more;

Let’s face it, businesses need all the help they can get, especially from business experts like Federico Re, who can assist with the various facets of a business, to help them scale their venture to the next level of success.

This might include:

  • Business Coaching
  • Business Mentoring
  • Mindset Training
  • Business Planning & Modelling
  • Scaling up a Business
  • Professional Development
  • Business Development
  • Succession Planning and Exit Strategies

and so much more !

If your business has an annual turnover of less than $300,000, and is based in Queensland, YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A $5,000 GRANT ! Applications open 31st May, 2021.

This grant falls under the ‘Business Basics Grants Program’. For more information visit this link, or click here to apply.

If you need any advice regarding this grant, contact Federico for a free and confidential discussion.

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