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The Collapse of a Retail Dynasty - what are the lessons that can be learnt?

When I interviewed Founder & Cosmetic Guru Napoleon Perdis, I could not believe that 1 year later, his 30-year old dynasty would collapse. 😲

Was his empire a success or a failure? What legacy did this pioneer leave behind? What are the lessons that can be learnt?

Many criticis say Napoleon Perdis was 'doomed' due to its inability to remain competitive on a global scale, and failure to meet the demands of new-age customers. The Australian Financial Review implies this very clearly:

Whilst all these factors are somewhat true, I say that Napoleon was a true innovator; a risk-taker; a creative genius; a person that we Australians should deeply admire & respect for the entrepreneurial legacy he left behind.

As with all great empires like the Romans, and even pioneers like Galileo Galilei, eventually they all entire a stage of decline despite many years of success; or are imprisoned for their innovations and thought #leadership.  

However, there is so much that we modern generation can now learn from their ingenuity & inventiveness. The importance of being ‘daring’ and ‘disruptive’ is also a key constituent to growth and success. Serial Entrepreneur Lisa Messenger expresses this very clearly in this article.

For me personally, I am deeply grateful to have met Napoleon, and learn about his vision, passion, and triumphant journey. He should be an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs, thought leaders, CEO’s, and start-up Founders.

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