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Why we should Love our Sceptics and our Worst Enemy

Don’t underestimate the importance of the SCEPTICS & even your worst ENEMY. 😈

When I watched Elon Musk’s interview about his endeavour to go to space, I was initially saddened to see his greatest Mentors not supporting his vision, & actually discouraging him to pursue his ambitions.

However, I soon reflected on my own career path and the numerous occasions where my own sceptics tried to derail my vision of achieving success in busines – “the dream of building a multi-million dollar business out of nothing but a humble stationery product”.

This was back in 1997. Watch video.

After nearly 23 years in business, I’ve learnt that even your worst enemies are essential to help you realise your success. These are the reasons why:

  1. They act as a devil’s advocate to CHALLENGE YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS to evaluate the true viability of your business;
  2. It propels a desire to prove them wrong, PUSHING YOU TO KEEP GOING; 3. It helps you put an OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE on your life, & re-evaluate your future plans;
  3. It teaches RESILIENCE, TOLERANCE, PATIENCE, & RESPECT for others;

Whilst we all need good mentors in life, it’s equally important that we OBJECTIVELY learn to deal with our worst friends.

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