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Early Years

Federico founded his first business venture in 1997, at the very young age of 22 years. He built his first successful enterprise with his sister Cristina, into a successful and profitable designer stationery and giftware company, with sales exceeding $10 million per year. His business achieved strong praise and recognition within the Australian and New Zealand retail markets. In just 10 years, he was able to transform a niche product into a world-ranking commercial brand.

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Federico’s story is inspirational, one where an enduring passion blossomed into an entrepreneurial adventure. His business achieved the unthinkable by delivering and sustaining revenue growth of more than 50% per annum over 10 consecutive years, reaching retail sales of more than $10 million per year, across 1000 retail stores, throughout Australia and New Zealand alone.

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In 2001, Federico’s business was awarded the Telstra State Finalist Micro-Business Award, as well as as the Telstra Finalist Owner Award, in acknowledgement of the significant growth and success the business had achieved in it’s first 4 years of operation.

In 2004 (edition September 16-22, 2004), Federico’s business was noted by BRW magazine as one the fastest growing and successful small businesses in Australia. Federico’s business partner Cristina Re (50% share owner) was also noted as a ‘weathy, young, self-made woman’, alongside others on the ‘rich list’, including Amanda Briskin (MimCo), Katrina Allen (De Jour), etc.

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Later that year, Federico’s thriving venture was awarded the ‘Finalist’ position in the ‘The Orix Award’ for his “Print Station” software program which his team pioneered and developed. The product sold more than 100,000 copies in the retail market-place in the first 2 years of launch, generating $1 million in retail sales revenue.

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Federico’s inspiration was fuelled by well known business entrepreneurs like Richard Branson (Virgin), and Ray Crock (Mac Donalds). Motivated also by other like-minded business professionals, including David Koch (Kochie’s Business Builders), Amanda Briskin (Mimco), Natalie Bloom (Bloom Cosmetics) and Janine Allis (Boost Juice), Federico’s paper concept boomed and dominated it chosen niche of DIY stationery.

Major retailers included Myer, Borders, Officeworks, Lincraft, Dymocks, Nextra, NewsXpress, Office National, Eckersley’s, Whitcoull’s, Paper Plus, Warehouse Stationery, and WH Smith.

In 2004, Officeworks launched a major national marketing campaign focused on ‘creative designer stationery’ for every day use, pivoting on the ‘Paper Station’ brand which Federico and his team had exclusively developed for this retailer. In less than 18 months, the Paper Station brand reached annual sales of $1.0 million per year across 113 stores Australia-wide. The brand was an instant success, and a vital ingredient to the re-branding and future of Officeworks.

His drive and enduring passion for business has enabled him to achieve public recognition and praise within the Australian business and entrepreneurial communities. He was officially recognised and granted the ‘Telstra Business State Finalist Award’, as well as the ‘Entrepreneur’s Award’ for dedicating 10 years of his life and career to business.

In 2006, Federico was approached by Anne Mc Kevitt – a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, globally renowned business leader, author, personality, and motivational speaker (www.annemckevitt.com). Anne discovered Federico’s emerging brand at one of the Reed Gift Trade Fairs in Sydney (www.reedgiftfairs.com.au). This offered Federico a new and exciting opportunity to significantly expand his business enterprise into the global marketplace, with Anne’s guidance and expertise.

During his time spent with Anne, Federico’s interest in business coaching, mentoring and motivational speaking started to emerge. It was this initial encounter with Anne, that fuelled Federico’s passion, confidence and vision to pursue a new career in business coaching and motivational speaking.

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In 2007, and after 10 years of complete dedication to his stationery venture, Federico’s share of the business was sold for a market net value in excess of $1 million, as a planned succession to pursue his new ambition and profession in business coaching. In July of that year, Creative Entrepreneur was thus born !

From 2007 through to 2011, Federico delivered a range of inspiring seminar and workshop programs for the retail trade sector. This included the Reed Gift Fairs, and Life in Style Fairs. Federico’s core topics were aimed towards the exhibitors and visitors of these shows, dealing with retail products for the gift, cosmetics, fashion, stationery, health & wellness, and homewares sectors.

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After dedicating nearly 15 years to the retail sector, and being regarded a ‘retail expert’ for his long standing achievements, Federico decided to broaden his horizons and extend his coaching services into other non-retail sectors.

Federico now services a vast array of industries including the professional service sector (eg. consultants), health industry (eg. health practitioners), creative industries (eg. photographers, designers, artists, etc), industrial sector (eg. logistics’ firms and manufacturers), and of course the retail / wholesale industry (eg. consumer goods particularly those within the designer stationery, cosmetics, fashion, and health sectors).

Oh, one last thing …… ‘e-Commerce’ is on the rise; Federico’s passion in retail and commercial instinct allowed him to invest his time and energy in the online sector. Over the past 5 years, and fuelled by Covid-19, he has assisted a multitude of online business with website development, digital marketing strategies, social media, and other fruitful tactics to generate sustainable revenue streams for their online operation.

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