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Startup and Small Business Grants

There are many business grants available in Australia, designed specifically for the small business owner, innovative start up, budding entrepreneur with a new startup idea, as well as for individuals who are considered ‘disadvantaged’ and needing professional / business support and guidance.

Within the farming sector, there are grants available to assist Farmers operating their business in rural areas needing financial support to scale their business to the next level of success. Also, business owners who have a diagnosed Disability and are eligible for NDIS funding, and need guidance to improve their confidence, communication and management skills, etc. In addition, individuals with an Indigenous / Aboriginal origin, may also be eligible for specific grants for their business.

These grants may enable you to receive financial support or a level of funding necessary to receive professional business training, business coaching, and business mentoring from business experts and consultants like Federico Re. Small Business Grants Victoria, Australia come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to do your research before you start your business venture or assume you will be entitled to a business grant Australia necessarily.

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You may be eligible for a Business Grant !

Contact Federico for a free and confidential discussion regarding your funding needs, and the best way forward to help you secure the appropriate Business Grant to grow your business…

What type of Business Grants are currently available for my business?

  • The Farmers Household Allowance program was introduced by the Australian Government to help Farmers and select family members, experiencing financial hardship with ‘assistance through planning and training for long-term financial improvements as well as income support for up to 4 years.’ This scheme can also include funding for business / professional training, from business trainers like Federico Re. You may be eligible to receive funding for a variety of business support services worth up to $10,000. Conditions apply*.
  • The Business Basics Grants Program is available for businesses based in Queensland; have an annual turnover of less than $300,000; and are needing help with business training and business coaching, professional business advisory, business continuity and succession, and other specialist business services, with the aim of increasing core skills and adopt best practice. Grants of $5,000 + GST are available for eligible businesses. Check the Business Queensland website for more information and eligibility criteria, and the opportunity of engaging Federico Re for this level of business support.
  • Another type of service is the NDIS program aimed to support people with a disability, and also those operating a business. For instance, if you are looking at starting a business, you may be eligible to receive Government funding aimed to develop your business management skills; help you develop a business or marketing plan; help you develop effective systems and procedures to operate your business more profitably; help you develop and market your products and services; and a host of other professional development and business development services. For more information, please visit My Care Space link below.
“These grants may enable you to receive financial support or a level of funding necessary to receive professional business training, business coaching, and business mentoring from business experts and consultants like Federico Re”

For more information about current Government Grants and available programs to suit your specific business needs, please visit the following websites:

The good news is that there is most likely a business grant suitable and available for your specific business needs. The bad news, is that finding the right business grant, and knowing the process behind submitting a successful application and securing the grant in the right timely manner, can be a tedious, confusing, and often discouraging reality. For this reason, it may be very worthwhile for you to speak to a grant specialist (eg. those listed above), or Federico to help guide you down the right path. This preliminary service is free and completely confidential. Contact us, to initiate this free consultation.

*Conditions apply in accordance with grant provider. Creative Entrepreneur assumes no responsibility for out of date information presented on this website. Please refer to your grant provider or case officer for relevant and up to date information relating to available Business Grants Australia.

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