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Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
Thanks so much Federico for all of your help and guidance. I really think it has helped me gain some clarity on the next steps in my business.
- Kelley Davies
Startup Founder of ‘Imagine Digital Marketing’ / Digital Marketing Expert in Victoria
Kelley Davies
Federico is a very experienced business coach specialising in skills needed for entrepreneurial leadership. He has been very helpful guiding me with skills needed to manage my small business as it has grown. I also found he went above and beyond to provide extra services which were excellent.
- Katy MacDonald
Founder of ‘Sourcing by Design’ / Fashion Designer in Brisbane
Ever since I started working with Federico I felt well supported in my endeavours. It is great and exhilarating knowing that someone with his experience supports my dreams and encourages me to push on and go for what I wish to achieve. Federico’s valuable expertise and guidance, paired with his calm personality and encouragement are an invaluable asset to my business and I would recommend his services to anyone.
- Skadi McDonald
Mumpreneur / Founder of ‘Marli & Me’ / Perth-based Business
If you want to build a business that runs itself and gives you the freedom of spending quality time with your loved ones, you need to hire Federico. He has the understanding and knowledge of processes and systems that can be put in place so you are not chained to your business. With his vision and real experience of entrepreneurship, you can build a well oiled machine while you sit back and enjoy the financial and mental freedom. Highly recommended.
- Tully Chanana
Founder & CEO - Tully’z Kitchen / Aspiring Entrepreneur in Melbourne
Federico is simply an excellent business coach. He has broad experience building companies, developing brands and giving wise advice. I have highly valued his supportive, professional and results-driven approach, as a coach and as a champion for my business.
- Carolyn Alexander
Founder of ‘Wheatfield Communications’ / Communications Specialist in Melbourne
Working with Federico has been an absolute pleasure. Whether its focusing on personal development or focusing on business growth, he made a big impact.
- Adam Weraksa
National Head of Recruitment at ‘Command Recruitment’
Federico is a really engaging & persuasive presenter. He presented to our annual Canberra conference & the delegates all loved his content, his energy & his delivery. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a really knowledgeable speaker on entrepreneurship or intrapeneurship
- Jonathan McIllroy
Founder & Director of ‘Executive Assistent Network’ (Canberra)
Federico was instrumental to the growth of by business through strategic planning, financial planning, and encouraging me to set higher goals and then supporting me to achieve them. He's very in-tune to the challenges business owners face and how they can effect you professionally and personally. I benefited greatly by his coaching and friendship over the years.
- Jesse Spezza
Entrepreneur / Creative Director of ‘Transcend Media’
I have been grappling with the idea of working with a business coach for some time. Now that I am working with Federico from Creative Entrepreneur, I am so glad that I did! His experience, creativity and practical approach to coaching is refreshing and highly inspirational. Each session leaves me excited about my future and what I can achieve as a person. This is definitely a great investment in myself. I would have no hesitation recommending his services to others who need a solid coach to help them discover what they can truly do.
- Geetha Ortac
Director of ‘Private Checkpoint’ / Aspiring Entrepreneur in Sydney
Meeting Federico was insightful, and particularly beneficial for Swiss to help promote our enterprise across the US marketplace
- Oliver Horn
Managing Director of ‘Swiss’
Collaborating with Federico has been an invaluable experience for our Members who have been given the unique opportunity to share their story and expose their start-up business across the media
- Dawi Kelly
Community and Events Manager at ‘The Cluster’
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
It was a pleasure meeting Federico where we could talk about leadership, entrepreneurship, and organisational culture
- Claire Rogers
CEO of ‘World Vision Australia’
Life changing and best decision & investment ever made for myself and my start-up business. Federico’s very practical, to the point, strategic, very experienced and holds compassionate space for me to elevate into my growth while keeping me focused and on track. I feel so inspired, uplifted and motivated again after every call despite weathering through all the challenges and overwhelm a startup business can have. Thank you so much and I am so grateful.
- Alda Lum
Business Owner of ‘Honu Paws’ in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Federico was instrumental in personal and business development. He is a very inspiring individual who is clear, direct and patient with his personal development and business development process. I cant recommend Federico highly enough.
- Joe Knight
Founder & Director - ‘One Ocean International’ (Western Australia)
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