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Since 2007, and after selling his first business venture for $1.0 million, Federico founded his second business – Creative Entrepreneur. Over the past 16 years, he built his reputation as an entrepreneurship coach, keynote speaker, retail and business coach, executive coach, business writer, and journalist across the Australian retail and media sectors.

Over the span of his successful 14-year coaching career, Federico has been extensively praised for his expertise in ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘public speaking’, ‘business coaching’, ‘start-ups’, ‘business strategy’, ‘business development’, ‘leadership’, ‘management’, and many other attributes, skillsets, and achievements. For more information visit Federico’s LinkedIn profile to view his extensive list of 99+ endorsements.

Federico’s story is inspirational and testament to the fact that hard work, passion, vision, and determination is the ultimate recipe to success. His humble beginnings and success as an entrepreneur is a direct testament to his core philosophy that 

“you are not born an entrepreneur, you become one if you think like one”.
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Driven by the success of well known serial entrepreneurs / master coaches like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Guy Kawasaki, and Elon Musk, Federico connects directly with people, motivating and energising them to achieve greater things. He often draws on his personal experiences of leadership, entrepreneurial success, innovation, global trends, competitiveness, and diversity.

He has fuelled new product and brand initiatives, and successfully deployed new ways of performing fundamental business processes as the springboard to success for leading start-up designer companies within the retail and creative sectors.

As an entrepreneur coach, his high level of enthusiasm, unconventional approach, openness to share personal experiences and down to earth nature, helps create a bonding rapport with his audiences.

Federico completed his bachelor degree in engineering at RMIT university in 1996. He furthered his education in entrepreneurship at the prestigious ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’ in South-Africa in 2014, as well as in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 2015.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Certification at the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’ in South Africa

Federico receives ‘Decisionship Coach’ Accreditation awarded by Serial Entrepreneur Creel Price

Accredited Coach in ‘Decisionship’ Methodology

Federico’s extensive training in Decisionship Methodology, which he acquired at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship (South-Africa) with Master Trainer / Serial Entrepreneur Creel Price. His deep knowledge of this unique coaching methodology, enabled Federico to further his knowledge and practice in entrepreneurship coaching, and transform his clientele into successful enterprising individuals and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Federico is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, and a Member of the NLP Association of Australia. He obtained his certification in 2013, and has been actively using this world renowned methodology to coach and train his clients to achieve exceptional / transformational results for them. This has included increased motivation and confidence; reducing limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties; increased leadership performance and sales confidence; improved emotional intelligence; enhancing communication skills; and more.

Complete Skilled Negotiator for business leaders to drive profitability, increase efficiency and reduce costs

Federico furthered his training in 2022 in ‘negotiation’, and acquired certification in “The Complete Skilled Negotiator” program at the highly acclaimed The Gap Partnership Institute. This tactile workshop allowed Federico to enhance his proficiency in strategic and effective negotiation, suitable for business owners and leaders wanting to drive profitability, increase efficiency and reduce costs in their organisation.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
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Business Networking for Budding Entrepreneurs

In 2014, Federico co-founded ‘The Face of Entrepreneurs‘, a Melbourne-based program aimed at bringing people in business together, and infusing the adrenalin of adventure with that of entrepreneurship. For two years, his uniquely formulated events attracted enterprising individuals, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, socially conscious entrepreneurs, and other people seeking more fulfilment in life.

Co-author of ‘Millionaire Coach’ - No. 1 International Best Seller

Federico has pursued an active career in writing since 2013, and co-authored his first international best seller – “Millionaire Coach“. This inspiring book highlights Federico’s humble beginnings; his struggles during his childhood years (see video); his ambitious endeavours and accomplishments during his professional career and adult life spanning over 20 years.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

His ongoing ambitions in editorial work and unique writing style, earned him exclusive and prestigious opportunities to be a freelance contributor for Virgin.com (UK publication), Entrepreneur.com (US publication), CEO magazine, My Business magazine, Business First magazine, Silicon Valley Globe magazine (US publication), and other high profile publications around the world.

TV Host & Journalist - Interviews with Serial Entrepreneurs and Successful Business Leaders and inspiring audiences around the world

In 2015, Federico founded his next successful venture, this time within the media industry. ‘InspireTalk‘ Television was thus born, and was an innovative digital TV show with a core aim to inspire, educate, and entertain the minds of audiences around the world.

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Over the span of its 5 year journey, the show attracted game changes, pioneers, rule breakers, innovators, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, inventors, and several distinguished guests including top-tier business leaders and celebrities including George Calombaris (‘Master Chef’), Janine Allis (‘Boost Juice’), Michael E. Gerber (‘E-myth’), Napoleon Perdis (‘Napoleon Perdies Cosmetics’), Jack Delosa (‘The Entourage’), Naomi Simson (‘Shark Tank’), Jamie Durie (‘Backyard Blitz’), Oliver Horn (‘Swisse’), Jeremy Loeliger (‘NBL’), Andrew Morello (‘Yellow Brick Road’), and others.

The show further evolved from an experimental online digital show, to a disruptive media / PR program that collaborated with a variety of media partners, including Octomedia, Business First Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and other prestigious digital publications.

In 2020, after 5 eventful and rewarding years, Federico decided to exit from this business, and re-focus his efforts and passion 100% towards his coaching business.

Philanthropy & Social Entrepreneurship – helping disadvantaged children and families in 3rd world countries

Federico lives in Melbourne with his wife and his two children aged 16 and 10, and is a Christian. He has continued interest in Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, and a strong desire to reconnect and help kids in Africa and 3rd world countries.

He enjoys playing Flamenco guitar when time permits as well as travelling to Spain and Italy (pre Covid-19) to reconnect with his family and friends.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
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