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Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Mentoring Melbourne, Personal Development and Coaching Melbourne. A Business Coach (or Mentor) will help you achieve the best performance in your business

→ Do I need a Business Coach ?

A Business Coach (or Mentor) will help you achieve the best performance in your business, as well as assist you in reaching your business, personal, and lifestyle goals.  A Business Coach also provides positive support and feedback, to improve the overall effectiveness of your business operation.

→ What is the difference between a Business Coach, Business Mentor, and Business Consultant ?

A Business Coach is primarily focused on developing the skills, confidence, and performance of individuals within a business environment.

A Business Mentor, provides general advice, guidance, and encourgement to individuals within a business, hinging on their years of experience.  A Business Mentor is most likely not to be involved with hands-on work within the business, but can be very closely connected with day to day issues.

A Business Consultant is an expert or professional within a chosen field of expertise.  He or she provides expertise, specialist advice, and a high degree of hands-on work the client, to deliver a specific outcome for their business (eg. development of a Business Plan).

→ Are the services available throughout Australia ?

Yes.  Federico Re provides an Australia-wide service. 

This can be achieved economically with the use of 'Skype' conferencing which is free to use for both parties.  Communication is also facilitated  with the use of email and phone correspondence.

A face to face service is also available throughout all metropolitan and regional areas of Australia.  ‘Disbursement’ costs associated with travel may be applicable under some circumstances.  Face to face interaction with a client within metropolitan Melbourne, will generally not incur additional disbursement costs. Refer to Terms and Conditions for additional information regarding fee charges.

→ Are the services appropriate for a start-up or micro business ?

A start-up or micro business, with annual gross turnover of less than $100k, would most benefit from Federico's Mentoring services.  

For larger businesses, those generally with annual gross turnover in excess of $200k, specific business development work and coaching would be also most beneficial.

→ How long do I need a Business Coach for ?

Depending on the nature of the business, as well as the individual and specific circumstances and needs of the client, a business coaching relationship can typically last between 3-12 months.  A Business Coach can also assist in long term growth and development of the business operation; for this reason the relationship can last several years.  In essence, having a Business Coach can be a long term investment, and a vital ingredient to the ongoing success and development of the individual and his/her business venture.

→ How much will it cost ?

Creative Entrepreneur™ offers a range of products and services tailored to suit your individual and business needs, as well as budget.  For as little as $199, you will have the opportunity to liaise with Federico over the phone and receive coaching and mentoring!

Other programs available include business development and leadership programs starting at $259.

For more information, please visit our programs page.

→ How are your services different to other Business Coaches ?

Federico Re offers a personalised and niche service to suit your individual and specific business needs, as well as budget.  You will have the unique opportunity of working closely with an experienced coach, business expert, entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker, all under the one roof.

Federico has extensive hands-on expertise of nearly 2 decades working with a vast array of businesses. He has assisted many creative enterprises within the wholesale and retail sector; those within the fashion, cosmetic, stationery, homewares, giftware, kidsware sectors. 

In addition, Federico has assisted many professional service providers including IT specialists, copywriters, photographers, counsellors, therapists, designers, bookkeepers, and other consultants.

He has also proven experience of starting, building, and selling businesses with a high degree of success, using his proven exit strategies.

Essentially, Federico can find a solution for all your business needs.  If he cannot personally assist you directly, he will recommend other professionals that can within his extensive group of recommened networks.

→ I’m m not sure can I sample your work at low cost or no risk ?

You can simply trial some of Federico's low cost programs including his online / Skype mentoring service for as little as $199 per session.

Another option is to just give Federico a call and receive a free initial (15-minute) consultation. Click here to book your free session.

→ Can I get started right away ?

If you simply have a question, or need immediate and professional business advice, contact Federico on his direct mobile (+61 408 510 378), or via his email.

→ What results have other businesses had ?

Refer to Federico's Testimonials page for specific evidence of outcomes achieved. 

Generally, businesses have experienced an improvement of business performance including increased profitability and productivity; increased motivation and better focus; better leadership and increased staff performance; improved planning, strategy, and more forward thinking; and much more. 

Federico's unique and comprehensive blend of programs will ensure you achieve a higher degree of success.

→ Are your services hands on ?

Depending on the choice of program selected, some of our programs can be hand-on, depending on your needs.  These typically include services that involve a degree of consultation, compared to our other services of mentoring and coaching.

→ How do I find the time...... ?

My philosophy is simple: Make the tough decisions. Prioritise your tasks. Re-direct your focus. Create time today, and succeed.

Making time is really up to you !

→ How can I be sure my confidential information is safe with you ?

You have a choice of signing a Confidentiality Agreement with us, to provide you with ultimate peace of mind.  However, in most cases, clientele accept the nature of our work, and trust our ongoing commitment to ensuring your private and confidential information is kept safe.

→ My Business Coach does not have experience within my industry….how can they help me ?

Federico’s extensive knowledge across several industry sectors and over 20 years of practical experience in business, will ensure you receive expert business advice, no matter what your query relates to.

His experience covers a broad range of industries including retail, wholesale, professional services, educational, manufacturing, and much more.  Please view the comprehensive list of core services offered by Federico, for further information. 

If Federico cannot assist you directly, he will consult, or suggest you contact a number of preferred and trusted service providers within his networks.