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Federico’s extensive background in business journalism has enabled him to meet, and rub shoulders, with some of the best entrepreneurs, business leaders, philanthropists, and business celebrities Australia has ever seen. His time spent interviewing such individuals, where he explores the fundamentals behind business building, effective leadership, serial entrepreneurship, and what it takes to succeed in business, has offered him a unique and prestigious opportunity to look deep into the organisations of these people; whilst enabling Federico to learn and embrace their philosophies and practices to achieving ‘success’ into his own business coaching practice.

Some of his signature clients have included serial entrepreneurs as well as CEO’s, and Founders of top-tier companies including: Jeremy Loeliger (NBL), Oliver Horn (Swisse), Claire Rogers (World Vision), Daniel Flynn (Thankyou), Diana Williams (Fernwood), Andrew Morello (Yellow Brick Road), George Calombaris, Michael E. Gerber (E-myth), Jamie Durie, Janine Allis (Boost Juice), Lisa Messenger, Napoleon Perdis, Jack Delosa, and so many more.

“A Social Entrepreneur’s Ambition to Relieve Poverty & Destitution through Fundraising”

Federico sits down with Andrew Morello, the head of business development at Yellow Brick Road, and discusses a variety of issues pertaining to succeeding as a social entrepreneur in the current age. With his adventurous backstory and a wealth of knowledge regarding the property marketplace, Andrew Morello unveils truths behind approaching initiatives, the importance of collaboration, the utility of social media, and a perspective on how social entrepreneurs can change the world.

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“A CEO’s Drive to Empower Women with Forward-Thinking Fitness Solutions”

Federico Re takes a visit to the Fernwood Fitness office to talk with Fernwood Fitness Founder, Diana Williams, about a multitude of topics ranging from social media technology to the challenges and benefits of being a female leader. From humble beginnings to the largest women’s fitness franchise in Australia, Diana Williams’ entrepreneurial and business acumen has carved an incredible story. Diana’s insights are absolutely invaluable to entrepreneurs operating at any stage of business.

“A Cosmetic Guru shares his secrets to success on how he built a Global Lifestyle Empire”

In this episode, Federico Re interviews cosmetic guru / entrepreneur – Napoleon Perdis. Napoleon is the founder and CEO of Napoleon Perdis, a cosmetic retail empire comprising of 85 concept stores which he founded 25 years ago. His products are also sold into 100 department stores and over 750 independent stockists across Australia. This iconic label is Australia’s leading makeup brand and the epitome of luxury, education and glamour.

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Claire Rogers
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“Adapt, Disrupt, & Collaborate: the formula to success for a Social Innovator”

In this episode, Federico Re meets Claire Rogers – CEO of ‘World Vision’ Australia. During the 30 minute discussion on InspireTalkTV, Claire describes her senior leadership role at this global not-for profit organisation, and why she considers herself a ‘social innovator’. She outlines the importance and relevance of collaboration, social media, technology, and education, as a means to solving global poverty issues.

“How Passion for Wellness inspired an Aussie couple to build a Juicing Empire”

In this episode, Federico Re interviews Tom Griffith – co-Founder, Chairman, and Director of ‘Emma and Tom’s’. During this 20 minute discussion, Federico taps into Tom’s entrepreneurial mindset and extracts the pure essence (or juice !) of his success with his business partner Emma Welsh.

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“Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing: the formula to success for a top tier Wellness Brand”

Meet Oliver Horn, Managing Director of Swisse Wellness, and explore the secrets to success of this top tier wellness brand. During this intimate chat with Oliver, Federico delves deep into the ethos and culture of this thriving organisation; its entrepreneurial people; and the science behind its products.

“How to establish a ‘Sustainable’​ Business as seen through the eyes of a Sports Business Leader”

As part of the inaugural launch of InspireTalkTV, Federico Re interviews Jeremy Loeliger (CEO – NBL). During this 20 minute chat with Jeremy at his head quarters in Melbourne, Federico explores what it takes to establish a ‘sustainable’ business, as seen through the eyes of a sports business leader.

Jeremy Loeliger
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“How to Mitigate Risk to enable Organisations and their People operate within a Safe Environment”

In this episode, Federico Re interviews Andrew Stark – Managing Director of ‘Stark Corporation’. Andrew was a serving member of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for 21 years, as well as security adviser for Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair and George W Bush. He was also the official body guard of former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard back in the 1990’s. Today, he is actively involved in PROTECTING SENIOR LEADERS across a number of high profile organisations including NAB, Hillsong Church, etc.

“How a Female Influencer disrupted the face of Media and Advertising as well as her own Industry”

This discussion between Federico Re and Taryn Williams (Founder of WINK Models) on ‘InspireTalkTV’ at her Sydney Headquarters reveals what first inspired her to pursue a career within the modelling industry, and whether she ever envisaged a career as an entrepreneur.

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“It’s more than just Water: why ‘Thankyou’ is on a mission to combat Global Poverty”

Federico Re interviews ‘Thankyou’ founders Daniel Flynn and Jaryd Burns at their Melbourne headquarters. During this 20 minute discussion, Federico digs deep into the Company’s ethos, to uncover the efforts made by this philanthropic organisation to combat global poverty with the sale of their sanitary products.

“How a Product Designer ‘Mastered her Marketing’ and built a World Ranking Brand”

Federico Re interviews Catherine Cervasio – founder of Aromababy Natural Skincare. During this 30-minute conversation, Federico explores her journey and earlier years as a designer; the challenges she faced during her earlier start-up years; and the rewarding and fulfilling career she built for herself as a female entrepreneur and industry influencer. Catherine founded her niche business AROMABABY® back in 1994, and since then she has built her business into a world class brand, being recently voted in the ‘Export Entrepreneur of the Year’ division of the My Business Awards.

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“What does it take to be an Entrepreneur and learning the art to Business Mastery”

Federico Re is interviewed on The Mentor List, where he talks about his entrepreneurial journey; his philosophy to ‘business mastery’; his first business venture which he built from scratch into a $10.0 million business from the age of 22; his first 10 years in business and the roller-coaster journey he had whilst trying to grow his small humble business into a multi-million dollar venture; his passion and discovery of ‘entrepreneurship’, and how Richard Branson (Virgin Founder) and Ray Croc (McDonalds Franchise Founder) fuelled his enthusiasm to build a world ranking brand with his niche stationery product.

“The definition and importance of Entrepreneurship Coaching and Entrepreneurship Mentoring”

Federico Re is interviewed by Omar de Silva (Director of Bachelor Programs – Ducere Business School). During this intimate chat, Federico talks about the definition and importance of ‘entrepreneurship coaching’ and ‘entrepreneurship mentoring’, and why it is essential for all aspiring entrepreneurs to receive this type of assistance from an experienced business coach and/or business mentor.

To understand more, please read this article.

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“Why ‘Collaboration’ is the Currency of the 21st Century and critical for Social Entrepreneurs”

Federico Interviews Serial Entrepreneur – Julio de Lafitte via Google Hangout, where he explores why he founded his entrepreneurial program “Unstoppables” with a mission to foster business opportunities in Antartica and the Amazon.

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