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'Build an Action Plan' and your Road to Success

'Build an Action Plan' and your Road to Success


The ‘Build an Action Plan’ program, is an interactive and comprehensive kick-starter package designed for the start-up business owner, or micro business, needing guidance and a solid plan to help them advance their business development to the next stage of growth.

Consisting of mentoring, coaching, and business advisory, you will have the opportunity to interact with Federico on several occasions across the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Feedback Collected

The program will commence with you completing a Preliminary Worksheet that will enable you to think about your goals and objectives, ambitions, problem areas, as well as what you expect from a business coach and mentor. This feedback will be an invaluable step and will provide Federico with a comprehesive overview of your current business position. This document will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete, and will be reviewed by Federico prior to Step 2;

Step 2: Meeting with your Coach (Initial 1.5 hr Consultation)

The initial 1.5 hour consultation, can be offered ‘face-to-face’ (Melbourne Only), or via Skype*.

During the initial scoping session, you will have the opportunity to further articulate your vision; share your dreams and ambitions; discuss a specific product or service you would like to introduce into the market; or further develop and scale-up your existing business operation, with Federico.

Step 3: Development of Action Plan

After the initial consultation has taken place, you will receive a comprehensive ‘Action Plan’ within a 5-day timeframe, to help you achieve your desired goals and objectives for your business venture.

This business plan will articulate the specific steps needed for the forthcoming 12-month phase, with recommendations around the eight pillars of your business, taking into account your marketing; sales; operations; finance; IT; logistics; research and development; publicity, etc.

Recommendations will also be provided regarding your personal / professional development, taking into account your time-management, prioritisation of tasks,; as well as effective strategies to help develop / build your ‘entrepreneurial’ confidence to realise commercial opportunities in line with your Action Plan.

Step 4: Review of Action Plan with your Coach (30-minute Consultation)

After you have received the Action Plan, you will have the opportunity to further liaise with Federico over the phone or via Skype, and receive a 30-minute consultation. During this time, you will have the chance to ask questions and further clarify the next steps needed around the Action Plan.


The collective time spent with your coach, plus the additional time needed to review your documentation is calculated at 5 hours total consultation, and would normally be priced at over $1,250. However, the package price has been severely discounted to suit your shoe-string budget, and has been reduced to just $599.


At the completion of the program, you will habe the choice to further your business development and liaise with Federico through a choice of programs designed to keep your momentum going, including the 30-minute Quick Coaching Program, the 1-Hr Monthly Mentoring Program, or the Business Accelerator Program.


To ensure you are able to meet with Federico remotely, you must have correctly set-up your Skype account to allow audio/video conferencing.  Ideally, you must also have access to a phone land-line (^excluding 1300 and 1800 numbers) for the occasional phone discussion to take place.  If you are unable to provide either option, you will be required to contact Federico on his direct mobile number (0408 510 378) in order for the session to take place.


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