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Build your 'Influencer' Reputation - Kick Starter Program

Build your 'Influencer' Reputation - Kick Starter Program


This disruptive program is designed for the aspiring influencer, or enterprising individual seeking to lift their public profile across social media and other digital platforms, with the aim of attracting significantly more followers, connections, and key stakeholders to their profile and business.

You will have the opportunity to interact directly with Federico and discover effective strategies to:

  1. Become more influential across social media including LinkedIn and Facebook;

  2. Attract key stakeholders to your business and realise more commercial opportunities;

  3. Instigate potential media opportunities by liaising with magazine editors, publishers, journalists, TV and radio hosts, etc;

Your time spent with Federico will include an initial 1-hour consultation (face to face* or via Skype) to assess your Company priorities and objectives; your core message, the desired target market you wish to attract; your mid to long term career aspirations; etc.

After the initial consultation, you will be guided and directed on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, etc.

You will then receive 1 month of Social Media Activation with the inclusion of 1 unique blog or post telling your story. Included in this package will be Social Media Advertising to boost the performance and visibility of your post.

Ongoing interaction with Federico may also include the opportunity for you to be interviewed on his InspireTalk TV show, where you can appear as a special Guest on the program and tell your story, promote your products and services, and ultimately lift your ‘influencer’ status. At the completion of this interview, you will receive a High Definition (HD) video in connection with your 30-minute interview. You will then have the opportunity of further PR opportunities, where your promotional video can be used for further publicity, editorial opportunities, etc.

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