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'Develop your Entrepreneurial Leadership Potential'

'Develop your Entrepreneurial Leadership Potential'


Program Structure:

This 1-day Masterclass program is ideal for CEO’s, Directors, Senior Managers, Business Leaders, Enterprising Individuals, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, and/ or Professionals looking to extend their knowledge in ‘entrepreneurial leadership’.

This program is particularly suitable for progressive organisations that wish to pioneer new product developments or innovative / tech-based services; or capitalise on emerging / technological / consumer trends, to boost their competitive position across the global marketplace.


Richard Branson openly proclaims that he could not have built his Virgin Empire into more than 200 companies worldwide, without the help of his entrepreneurial employees, or ‘intrapreneurs’. 

It is also a known fact that the success of many companies like Google, 3M, Sony, Toyota, Lego, and Apple, is mostly attributed to the innovative and pioneering ideas of their entrepreneurial team, as well as the progressive leadership of their senior personnel or managers.

In today’s economic environment, businesses need more employees who regularly demonstrate ‘entrepreneurial’ characteristics and work habits to fuel growth.  

Essentially, an Intrapreneur will add value to the organisation beyond what is expected within their role, to set themselves apart from other employees, but fundamentally to fuel innovation and increase the competitive position of the Company they work for.

The success of their Leaders lies in their ability to manage these people through effective leadership, with a strategic / 21st century style approach that fosters and promotes entrepreneurial thinking across all divisions of the organisation. 

Learning Objectives:
During this masterclass, you will uncover:

-      The history and impact ‘intrapreneurship’ has had on nations like the US, UK, etc;

-         How founders and business leaders of progressive organisations / start-ups in Australia like Swisse, NBL, Vision, are leveraging on their entrepreneurial employees to fuel growth and innovation;

-        How to effectively influence internal and external stakeholders to invest in your Company vision and mission;

-      How to explore and capitalise on the entrepreneurial potential or ‘emotional intelligence’ of your personnel;

-        Practical ways you can transform innovative ideas into commercially viable products or services;

-        How to achieve the right balance / build a team consisting of intrapreneurs and conventional (non-entrepreneurial) employees;

-        How to deal with the internal challenges that come with innovation including risk mitigation, red tape, bureaucracy, financial barriers, etc;

-        Effective management techniques to retain staff and build loyalty of your intrapreneurs;

-        Leadership

-        Organisational Culture

-        Innovation / Technology

-        Entrepreneurship

-        Intrapreneurship

-        Emotional Intelligence

-        Mindset Training 

Masterclass will be conducted in a private office suite in North Melbourne or at The Cluster in Melbourne CBD. Refreshments will also be provided.  Participants will also receive supporting documentation and notes to enhance the learning outcomes.

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