Formulate your ‘Vision’ & Kick-start your new Business Venture (4-week Program)


The ‘Formulate your Vision & Kick-start your new Business Venture’ program, is an interactive and introductory business kick-starter 4-week program*, designed specifically for the aspiring business owner / budding entrepreneur, needing guidance, support, and encouragement, to help them visualise their new business idea, and kick start their new business venture.

The ‘Formulate your Vision & Kick-start your new Business Venture’ program, is an interactive and introductory business kick-starter 4-week program*, designed specifically for the aspiring business owner / budding entrepreneur, needing guidance, support, and encouragement, to help them visualise their new business idea, and kick start their new business venture.

Consisting of 1:1 business mentoring, business coaching, and business advisory all under 1 program, you will have the opportunity to interact with Federico on several occasions across the stages outlined below.

Stage 1: Feedback Collected (completion of preliminary documentation by You)

The program will commence with you completing a Preliminary Worksheet that will enable you to visualise your new business idea, taking into consideration your career / job, business aspirations, goals and objectives, ambitions, problem areas, as well as what you expect from a business coach and mentor. This feedback will be an invaluable first step and will provide Federico with a comprehensive overview of your current circumstances and what you are striving to do next with your new venture. This document will take you approximately 2-3 hours to complete, and will be reviewed by Federico prior to Stage 2 below;

Stage 2: Meeting with your Business Coach – Federico Re (2.0 hr Brainstorming / Discovery Session)

The initial 2.0 hour Brainstorming / Discovery Session with Federico, will be offered online via Microsoft Teams*.

During this initial session, you will have the opportunity to further articulate your vision with Federico; share your dreams and ambitions; discuss a specific product or service you would like to introduce into the marketplace; and get a perspective and understanding on how to best plan for this new business venture so that it becomes a reality in the immediate future.

Federico will also cross-check this feedback with your notes provided during stage 1 of the program (outlined above). This is to ensure there is continuity and consistency across all information collected.

Stage 3: Refinement and Consolidation of your Vision & Business Idea

After the initial 2.0 hour online consultation has taken place, you will receive comprehensive feedback (via a written ‘Recommendations’ report) delivered to the Customer via email, developed by Federico, within a 2-week timeframe*. This document will serve as a strategic tool, to help you gain confidence and clarity, around your desired business goals and objectives, to kick-start your new business venture. This report will articulate and consolidate your specific idea around a new product or service you would like to introduce into the marketplace, and the overall nature of your new start-up business venture.

Recommendations will also be provided to you regarding your professional development needed which can be facilitated with 1:1 coaching with Federico. This will take into account your time-management and prioritisation of tasks; as well as effective methodologies to help develop your commercial acumen and your ‘entrepreneurial’ potential, so that you can commercialise your new business venture within realistic timeframes.

Stage 4: Final Review of your Vision & Business Idea with your Business Coach (1.5 hr Consultation via Teams)

After you have received Federico’s detailed report, you will have the opportunity to further liaise with Federico over the phone or via Microsoft Teams*, and receive a further 1-hr consultation to help crystallize your new business idea. During this time, you will have the chance to ask questions and further clarify the feedback provided by Federico.

You will also have the chance to assess if ongoing help is needed from your Business Mentor, and the steps needed to make this happen. This might involve meeting with Federico on a regular basis (eg. once a month), or on an ad-hoc basis, to receive some business coaching, mentoring, and business advisory to help accelerate your business growth, and achieve the objectives outlined in your Vision. See Recommended Programs below for this next stage.


The collective time spent with your business coach, plus the additional time needed to review your documentation is calculated at 7 hours of total consultation time, and would normally be priced at over $2,700. During this challenging economic period imposed by Covid-19, this program has been discounted to suit your tight budget and stage of business, and has been temporarily reduced to just $1,999. Terms and Conditions apply*.

Why spend many thousands of dollars with other business experts to have a comprehensive and detailed ‘Business Plan’ developed, which can often take months to create. Instead, engage in Federico Re and receive an immediate critical assessment of your business idea, to help you get started with your new startup business venture for a fraction of the cost !!


Thanks so much Federico for all of your help and guidance. I really think it has helped me gain some clarity on the next steps in my business.
- Kelley Davies
Startup Founder of ‘Imagine Digital Marketing’ / Digital Marketing Expert in Victoria
Kelley Davies
Federico was instrumental to the growth of by business through strategic planning, financial planning, and encouraging me to set higher goals and then supporting me to achieve them. He's very in-tune to the challenges business owners face and how they can effect you professionally and personally. I benefited greatly by his coaching and friendship over the years.
- Jesse Spezza
Entrepreneur / Creative Director of ‘Transcend Media’
Federico is simply an excellent business coach. He has broad experience building companies, developing brands and giving wise advice. I have highly valued his supportive, professional and results-driven approach, as a coach and as a champion for my business. I have enjoyed meeting with him in connection with the ‘1-Hr Monthly Mentoring’ program
- Business Owner / Communications & Content Specialist
Wheatfield Communications

Free Coaching Session

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For a limited time, receive a FREE COACHING SESSION worth $349.00, for booking this program. Coaching session must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase, and will be offered online via Teams.

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Terms & Conditions

  • To ensure you are able to meet with Federico remotely, you must have correctly set-up your Microsoft Teams account to allow audio/video conferencing. Ideally, you must also have access to a phone land-line (^excluding 1300 and 1800 numbers) for the occasional phone discussion to take place. If you are unable to provide either option, you will be required to contact Federico on his direct mobile number (0408 510 378) in order for the session(s) to take place.
  • This Program is anticipated to be completed within 4 weeks of commencement, and is dependant on Customer commitment and participation of scheduled sessions and activities. Creative Entrepreneur will endeavour to provide the written report (‘Recommendations Report’) within a 14 day timeframe after stage 1 & 2 are complete. In the event Creative Entrepreneur cannot deliver the written report within a maximum 30 day period (after stage 1 & 2 are complete), the Customer will be entitled to a full refund upon written notification (within a 7 day period thereafter), via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to a nominated Australian bank account provided by the Customer. Request for a refund must be submitted in writing to the Company via email –
  • Upon receipt of payment from the Customer, this Program must be completed within 90 days of payment date. No refund or credit applies once payment has been made by the Customer. Continuation of the Program outside of the 90 day period remains strictly at the discretion of Creative Entrepreneur. During the 90 day period, and in the event Creative Entrepreneur cannot deliver the services as outlined in this Program, you will be refunded the credit, or portion remaining for the payment of this Program, within 14 days of written notification from the Customer. The success and outcomes achieved by the Customer, as outlined on this program, is strictly dependent on Customer participation of agreed sessions throughout the Program, and completion of mutually agreed tasks allocated by Creative Entrepreneur.
  • By purchasing this Program via this website, the Customer automatically agrees to the Company’s ‘General Terms and Conditions of Engagement’, and will enter into a formal agreement relating to the supply of business services rendered under this Program. ‘Additional charges’ may be applicable under these terms, if services rendered to the Client are outside and/or beyond the scope of work relating to this Program. Any applicable ‘additional charges’ will be mutually agreed in writing, and confirmed and accepted by both parties.

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