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Half-Day Workshop - 'Inspire, Influence, and Attract Key Stakeholders to your Business'

Half-Day Workshop - 'Inspire, Influence, and Attract Key Stakeholders to your Business'


Program Outline:
This bespoke 2-hour Private Workshop is most suited for the Start-up / SME Business Owner, or aspiring Entrepreneur.

The program is tailored to assist enterprising individuals seeking to build their online personal profile, as well as establish their brand into the marketplace.

Explore how you can engage in Influencer Marketing to build your reputation, by leveraging on social media and the internet, strategic partnerships, and a host of other PR-related activities.
The workshop will provide an exclusive one-on-one interaction with your Trainer - Federico Re.

Specific Objectives:
During the program, you will develop a solid understanding on the following core subjects:

1. Discover how you can BUILD A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE ONLINE using the appropriate photography, imagery, text, hyperlinks, brand logos, music, video content, illustrations, animation, etc;

2. Learn how to DEVELOP A POWERFUL PERSONAL and COMPANY PROFILE on your website, LinkedIn, FacebookTwitter, and other sites online, to appeal to your target market;

3. Explore how to utilise and EXPLOIT DIGITAL MEDIA TECHNOLOGY including YouTube, podcasts, videos, etc to promote your message, product, or services throughout the internet;

4. Explore how to USE PRINT MEDIA or DIGITAL MASS MEDIA assets including industry publications, newspapers, journals, etc, to significantly amplify your message across the mass market and attract new leads;

5. Explore how you can engage in reguar BLOG POSTING and other forms of EDITORIAL WORK to convey your message throughout your business community and attract key influencers;

6.  Explore how to ATTRACT POTENTIAL PARTNERS or 'influencers' to your business who will suport your vision and mission throughout your journey;

7.  Learn how to BUILD A COMMUNITY OF FOLLOWERS to influence your target market, through social media and convetional networking;

8. Uncover how to effectively BUILD YOUR EMAIL DATABASE and DEVELOP a SALES FUNNEL to promote and sell your products and services;

This private workshop is limited to a maximum of 2 participants within the one organisation (no extra fee charged for the 2nd person).  

Workshop will be conducted in a private office suite in North Melbourne or at The Cluster in Melbourne CBD. Refreshments will also be provided.  Participants will also receive supporting documentation and workshop notes to enhance the learning outcomes.

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