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'Reboot your Business' and achieve a new level of Performance

'Reboot your Business' and achieve a new level of Performance


The ‘Reboot your Business’ program, is a tactical business development masterclass designed for SME business owners, or established enterprises with 3-5 years or more of trading history; or those employing between 2-10 people.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to at least 2-3 of the questions below, then this program is an excellent choice for your business:

  • Has your business performance hit a rock bottom low?

  • Have your sales slumped to an all-time record?

  • Have you lost confidence managing or leading your people ?

  • Has your brand suffered too much competition, copycats, or market saturation?

  • Have you lost your creative edge; desire to innovate your business; and/or execute further product development or new initiatives?

  • Is your cashflow struggling; your profitability suffering; and/or your financial performance jeapordising the future viability of your business?

This 4-hour Masterclass will offer you the opportunity to interact one-on-one with Federico Re in a private and professional setting. This service can be offered ‘face-to-face’ at The Cluster in Melbourne CBD, or otherwise via Skype*.

During the session, you will have the opportunity to discuss specific operational issues affecting your business; as well as articulate your business objectives, opportunities envisaged, and other anticipated developments.

After the initial session has taken place, you will receive a comprehensive ‘Strategic Plan’ within a 5 day period, outlining the priorities, decisions, or measures that need to take place over a 12-month period, in order to improve overall business performance and resilience.

Recommendations provided will hinge around all divisions of the business, taking into account your human resources, marketing, sales, finance, legal, IT, and logistics.

After you have received this document, you will have the choice to further your business development and liaise with Federico through a choice of programs designed to keep your momentum running, including the 30-minute Quick Coaching Program, the 1-Hr Monthly Mentoring Program, or the Business Accelerator Program.


To ensure you are able to meet with Federico remotely, you must have correctly set-up your Skype account to allow audio/video conferencing.  Ideally, you must also have access to a phone land-line (^excluding 1300 and 1800 numbers) for the occasional phone discussion to take place.  If you are unable to provide either option, you will be required to contact Federico on his direct mobile number (0408 510 378) in order for the session to take place.


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