Retailer Key Account Development

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The ‘Retailer Key Account Development’ program is a tailored and uniquely formulated 1:1 business development program comprising of business planning and strategy, key account development, stakeholder and buyer relationship management, and field sales team development across the retail marketplace.

Suitable for established businesses seeking to further develop their distribution of their product portfolio across the broad B2B/wholesale, B2C/online, and/or Pureplay channels.

The ‘Retailer Key Account Development’ program is a tailored and uniquely formulated 1:1 business development program comprising of business planning and strategy, key account development, stakeholder and buyer relationship management, and field sales team development across the retail marketplace.

Suitable for established businesses seeking to further develop their distribution of their product portfolio across the broad B2B/wholesale, B2C/online, and/or Pureplay channels.

This uniquely formulated program is perfectly tailored for an established business with at least 3 years of operation, with minimal exposure in the marketplace.

The program is geared towards the generation of sales revenue across key retailer accounts including independents, national accounts, majors, department stores, etc; with a key focus on establishing brand presence across the retail marketplace.

No matter what industry sector your business is in, you will have the exclusive opportunity to work closely with a retail expert with over 25 years of key account management experience (Federico Re) to actualise real commercial opportunities across the retail landscape.

Industry Sectors

Federico has deep experience across multiple FMCG / consumer goods / industry sectors including personal care & hygiene, stationery & giftware, drinkware, pet-care, fashion, cosmetics, health & beauty, kids toys, consumer electronics, etc.

So, no matter what product you are selling, Federico’s broad knowledge of the consumer goods’ industry, and deep experience dealing with 1000’s of retailers in the industry, will guaranteed transformational and profitable outcomes in realistic timeframes.

Outcomes & Deliverables

Your time spent and close partnership with Federico will achieve the following key outcomes and deliverables:

Market Insights & Strategy

  • Effective ways to gather market insights, retailer / consumer data to determine which key accounts are best suited for your brand and product;
  • Best practice in terms of communication, presentation of brand, and professional conduct to meet buyer expectations, consumer demand, and long-term penetration into marketplace;
  • How to leverage off market trend insights and consumer demand / behaviour when pitching your products to key stakeholders;

Sales Methodology

  • How to identify suitable trade partners, key accounts and retail stockists that may be suitable for your products including independents, major chains, department stores, online retailers, distributors, online product directories, etc;
  • Effective sales prospecting and lead generation strategies and methods to manage your database of leads and sales pipeline;
  • How to effectively pitch your products and services to retail buyers, category managers, purchasing officers and other key decision makers across key accounts;
  • How to close deals and secure sales with your prospects when competing against your competitors, by identifying points of difference, product benefits, price differentiators, margin benefits, promotional support given, etc;
  • Learning the art to effective negotiation to ensure margin preservation, buyer investment, and long term loyalty;

Sales & Marketing Strategies

  • The development of necessary marketing, sales, and admin material / information needed when trading with trade partners including wholesale product catalogue, wholesale price list, order forms, account forms, supplier agreements, return policy, terms and conditions, etc;
  • How to correctly price your products and services to ensure correct margin and profitability is reached for all stakeholders across various distribution channels;
  • How to participate in promotional instore events and what special deals to recommend to account buyers to maximise sales outcomes;
  • How to bring your marketing campaigns to life across the online / Pureplay channel and participation of key promotional online events;
  • How to identify suitable industry Trade show events to participate in, as well as effective promotional campaigns to sell your products and attract visitors to your stand during the event;

Stakeholder Engagement

  • How to attract and collaborate with key distributors and achieve further distribution / growth opportunities across all territories of Australia (and abroad), whilst fostering relationships directly with key retailers;
  • How to establish formal trading agreements, and what to consider, when supplying goods to key retailers and distributors, as well as working with sales agents, etc;
  • How to develop and foster effective commercial relationships with independent buying groups with Franchise HO, to attract Franchise Members in connection with your product offering;
  • How to attract Brand Ambassadors to represent your products as well as play an instrumental role in cross-promoting your brand instore as well as across social media and other marketing channels;

Tactical Merchandising & Forecasting

  • How to design and create effective point of sale systems to showcase your products in retail stores;
  • How to effectively merchandise and display your products instore for highest impact, brand exposure, and generation of sales revenue;
  • Effective product rotation cycles to ensure product range is refreshed, and is in line with seasonality, market promotions, and consumer buying behaviour;
  • How to manage inventory levels at store level and consideration of new product introductions, and consideration of a product exchange program to boost overall product performance and sales;
  • How to forecast stock demand throughout the year to meet retailer demand, especially during promotional periods;

Sales Team Development

  • Effective ways to find sales agents to manage independent stores Australia-wide, and provide essential services including effective merchandising, order taking, new product introductions, participation in promotional events, management of issues, etc;
  • How to incentivise your sales team and what commission or payment scheme to offer to maintain sales performance, motivation, and loyalty;
  • Effective ways to manage your sales team to achieve productive outcomes, generation of sales opportunities across the independent channel;

In addition to the key outcomes specified above, your time spent with Federico will also focus on:

  • How to use LinkedIn effectively to establish commercial partnerships with key stakeholders. Provide a wealth of contacts via Federico’s 12,000+ LinkedIn contacts of industry professionals within the relevant sector, or appropriate leads that are suitable and strategic for ongoing business development (ie. investors, grant specialists and other government officials, magazine publishers and editors, retail buyers & distributors, and other key decision-makers suitable for your business);
  • How to generate PR opportunities to boost brand exposure across the media on a shoe-string budget;
  • Provide persistent motivation, education, and business coaching to improve your time management, strategy, planning, and management of all business priorities;
  • Provide a wealth of knowledge and practical business experience, to help grow your business in a more structured and planned manner;
  • Provide objective and strategic advice to help you make viable decisions that are right for your business; to help you achieve your personal and business goals more efficiently and productively and in realistic timeframes;
  • Help you develop and maintain a strategic focus through an ‘action plan’ that determines and governs the direction and priorities needed to achieve the desired goals and objectives in the short to mid term;
  • Help you develop a solid practical understanding of the recipes to successful entrepreneurship and business building;
  • Learn to make quick, informed, and effective decisions for your business without the angst using Federico’s unique ‘Decisionship’ methodology;
  • Provide strategic advisory and viable business solutions to help your business grow; achieve specific goals faster as outlined in the agreed action plan;
  • Play an instrumental role in the ongoing business development and execution of key action items outlined in the action plan;

Program Structure

You will receive a total of 4 consultation hours per week* from Federico Re.

You can select the 1,3, or 6 month program and receive discounted pricing depending on your level of commitment and duration to this program.

During each month, you will have interactive online (Microsoft Teams^) and/or face to face^ meetings with Federico, plus necessary time for general email correspondence and phone discussions.

This program will also allow Federico to perform the necessary business development work for your business, including but not limited to: market research, formulation of reports or documentation, meetings and negotiations with key prospects, business analysis and modelling, training, etc.

Federico can also directly assist the Company Owner and/or its sales team in the sales pitching process, which may involve presenting the Company’s products and/or services to the marketplace, including, but not limited to attracting potential clients or partners; corresponding with retail buyers, distributors, and agents; formulating proposals to investors; attracting external stakeholders; etc;


The collective time spent with your business coach during each month, is calculated at 4 hours of total consultation time per week, and has been heavily discounted to suit your tight budget and stage of business. Terms and Conditions apply*.

This package is ideal for the established business owner who is seeking to advance their business performance to the next level of success.


Federico as a Business coach has been instrumental in growing our business. I believe engaging Federico at a Strategic level adds value in the long run. Recently he helped us to secure new contracts and now we are expanding into the domestic and overseas markets. I highly recommend Federico to anyone looking for some expert guidance in starting or scaling a business!
- Vivek Panchakshari
Aspiring Entrepreneur / Founder of Greenigo

Terms & Conditions

  • This program has been priced to include a discount in accordance with the 3 or 6 month program with DISCOUNTS of 11% and 22% respectively off the standard ‘base’ rate.
  • To ensure you are able to meet with Federico remotely, you must have correctly set-up your Microsoft Teams account to allow audio/video conferencing. Ideally, you must also have access to a phone land-line (^excluding 1300 and 1800 numbers) for the occasional phone discussion to take place. If you are unable to provide either option, you will be required to contact Federico on his direct mobile number (0408 510 378) in order for the session(s) to take place.
  • Upon receipt of payment from the Customer, this Program must be initiated within 4 weeks of payment date. No refund or credit applies once payment has been made by the Customer. In the event Creative Entrepreneur cannot deliver the services as outlined in this Program, you will be refunded the credit or portion remaining for the payment of this Program within 14 days of written notification from the Customer. The success and outcomes achieved by the Customer is strictly dependent on Client participation of agreed sessions throughout the Program, and completion of mutually agreed tasks allocated by Federico Re.
  • The program can be suspended by the Client up to 1 occasion and for a maximum period of 3 months.
  • The success and outcomes achieved by the Client is strictly dependent on Client participation of agreed sessions throughout the program, and completion of mutually agreed tasks allocated by Federico Re.
  • By purchasing this Program via this website, the Customer automatically agrees to the Company’s ‘General Terms and Conditions of Engagement’, and will enter into a formal agreement relating to the supply of business services rendered under this Program. ‘Additional charges’ may be applicable under these terms, if services rendered to the Client are outside and/or beyond the scope of work relating to this Program. Any applicable ‘additional charges’ will be mutually agreed in writing, and confirmed and accepted by both parties.

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