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Business & Startup Coaching Hobart

Federico is an experienced business coach and startup coach with over 25 years of business building experience throughout Australia.

He has coached hundreds of individuals across Hobart and other regions, including Startups, SME business owners, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and other enterprising individuals, who aspire to reach their peak performance in their lives, business venture(s), and/or with their careers.

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Areas of Speciality

Federico’s areas of speciality and solid hands-on experience encompasses multiple facets of a typical organisation including:

Federico has extensive experience as a business coach, executive coach, startup coach, and business consultant across many industry sectors. His clientele have stemmed from industries including:

Compared to other business coaches in Australia, Federico’s broad experience across many industry sectors, hands-on approach and experience as a business consultant, gives him an edge over other business coaches in the marketplace.

What you will expect from Federico’s Business Coaching:

Federico’s career as a business coach and startup coach first began in 2007 when he was personally coached by British Serial Entrepreneur – Anne McKevitt. It was this initial encounter with Anne that ignited Federico’s passion, and desire to pursue a career in business coaching.

In 2013, Federico received further training and coaching by Australian Serial Entrepreneur Creel Price, at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa in ‘Decisionship’ Methodology.

Federico’s extensive professional training in business management and mindset coaching, has enabled his Clients to achieve peak performance, transforming them into successful and high performing individuals. His coaching style embraces Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Decisionship Methodology.

“Federico is an active and emphatic listener. His coaching style is direct yet empathetic, thought-provoking, and guaranteed to yield impressive results for the Client”

His approach to business coaching and startup coaching is direct yet empathetic, thought-provoking, and guaranteed to provide instant and transformational results for his Clients in realistic timeframes. Many satisfied Clients consider Federico as one of ‘Australia’s best Business Coaches’.

Federico’s impressive list of endorsements via LinkedIn, by industry professionals and clients worldwide, is testament of his deep experience and reputation as a business coach. This also extends across many other specialities or areas, including but not limited t0 -‘ entrepreneurship’,‘ public speaking’, ‘start-ups’, ‘ business strategy’,‘ business development’, ‘leadership’,‘ management’, and many more.

How can Federico’s Business Coaching services help my business?

Business coaches or startup coaches are often employed by business owners who want to expand or accelerate their business growth, increase profitability, enhance staff performance, become a market leader, or simply address operational issues on a day to day basis. Business coaches will assist business owners of all shapes and sizes, to come up with practical solutions, viable tactics, and simple strategies to achieve their personal and business goals.

Even those with plenty of management / business experience can find themselves struggling to achieve their desired goals on their own. This is quite typical for ‘solopreneurs’. An experienced business coach, like Federico Re, can therefore offer the expert knowledge necessary to help any business owner transform their ordinary business into a thriving enterprise.

His unique 1:1 programs are designed to offer a convenient, affordable, and professional business coaching service, from an Aussie entrepreneur who has literally survived and thrived in the business eco-system for over 25 years.

Contact Federico on his mobile (0408510378), for a confidential discussion. His Business Coaching Hobart services are offered 1:1 via Teams.

“an experienced business coach, like Federico Re, can offer the expert knowledge necessary to help any business owner transform their ordinary business into a thriving enterprise”

Suggested Programs

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30-Minute Quick Coaching

This program is a fast and cost-effective coaching solution to boost personal performance. For just $149 a session, you can receive one-on-one tactical coaching from an industry expert and achieve guaranteed and immediate results!

1:1 Monthly Motivational Mentoring Program

For as little as $244 per session*, you will receive 1:1 personalised Business Mentoring from Federico Re. This program is ideal for the business owner needing ongoing mentorship and guidance to help fuel their business growth. It’s ideal for the person needing accountability, encouragement, increased clarity and confidence.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Deep Dive Strategy (2-Hr) Session)

The ‘Deep Dive Strategy Session’ is a 2-hour interactive and tactical program designed for all business owners seeking support with their existing business venture. You will receive 1:1 strategic and tailored business coaching, business mentoring, and tactical consultation from your Coach Federico Re online via Microsoft Teams, or face-to-face*. For just $595, you will benefit from Federico’s extensive experience encompassing over 25 years of business building and the chance to liaise with him directly.

Formulate your 'Vision' & Kick-start your new Business Venture (4 Week Program)

This program has been packaged to suit the start-up business owner on a shoe-string budget, and includes an initial 2.0 hour consultation with Federico. Your time spent with Federico will help you formulate your Vision for your new venture based on your specific idea, as well as help you gain the confidence and clarity to kick-start your business and achieve your goals and objectives.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

'Build an Action Plan' and your Road to Success (4 Week Program)

This comprehensive program includes an initial 2.0 hour private session with Federico, where he will diagnose the health status of your business operation; followed by the provision of a strategic and detailed ‘Action Plan’, tailored for your business, to help scale up your venture to the next level of success.

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