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Business Mentoring

Federico is an experienced business mentor with over two decades of business building experience throughout Australia.

He has personally witnessed the highs and lows of owning and managing a business, and experienced first-hand the hardship, strain, pressure, and stress of managing a rapidly growing enterprise, in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. His humble beginnings, entrepreneurial spirit, and solid business background spanning 25+ years, makes him the ideal business mentor.

Over his 14 year career as a professional business mentor and founder of Creative Entrepreneur, Federico has assisted hundreds of individuals, including start-up and SME business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, CEO’s, and business leaders who aspire to reach their peak performance in their life, business, and/or with their careers.

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Why is it important to engage in a Business Mentor?

A business mentor is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your business, especially in the very early stages of start-up, or if you do not have a solid background in business.

Unfortunately, the statistics state that ‘9 out of 10 businesses will fail in the first 5 years of operation’, often because the business owner lacks the expertise, commercial acumen, and ability to make viable, strategic, and sound decisions for their company, to ensure it can survive the long term. Let’s face it, today’s world is full of surprises, and is rapidly changing.

“Federico’s mentoring approach is gentle but direct, thought provoking, and guaranteed to offer the Client a clear and concise solution to his or her business needs”

Covid-19 has also reshaped the world and the business landscape; so it absolutely critical that a business owner seeks the necessary professional support to deal with the volatility that today’s world presents.

What would I expect from a Business Mentor?

A business mentor is someone who can act as a sounding board for your ideas and goals to materialise. An experienced business mentor, like Federico Re, will also bring their personal experiences of business and life to the table for discussion. A business mentor will share his/her unique experiences and wisdom to help you make better and more informed decisions with increased clarity and focus. A business mentor will also increase your accountability to getting things done; as well as get a true perspective on what is important and was is not for your business, as well as enabling you to make fast, informed, effective decisions without the angst. An effective relationship with your business mentor will also boost your confidence, where you will likely feel calm, refreshed, and confident to tackle the task at hand.

Fundamentally, it is essential and sometimes critical that decisions are made based on informed, objective, and expert advice given to you by a business mentor. This way, you are more likely to make the ultimate best choice for your business and leverage on the opportunity at hand. At the end of the day, your goal is to reach your goal as quickly as possible, without the angst and worry, and with the least amount of effort and sacrifice.

What is the difference between Business Mentoring and Business Coaching?

Business mentoring differs to business coaching as far as where the focus lies, and the nature of the relationship. Business mentoring is about providing consistent motivation and guidance to the client, as compared to business coaching being focused on improving personal performance and confidence.

Your relationship with Federico can transition or switch between mentoring and coaching, depending on client needs and priorities at the time. His 1:1 programs are designed to offer the most economical, convenient, and professional business mentoring service available in the industry from a real entrepreneur who has survived the business industry for over two decades.

Reading Material

To learn more about Federico’s methodologies and insights to business mentoring and coaching, please read some of his articles below:

Suggested Programs

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30-Minute Quick Coaching

This program is a fast and cost-effective coaching solution to boost personal performance. For just $149 a session, you can receive one-on-one tactical coaching from an industry expert and achieve guaranteed and immediate results!

1:1 Monthly Motivational Mentoring Program

For as little as $244 per session*, you will receive 1:1 personalised Business Mentoring from Federico Re. This program is ideal for the business owner needing ongoing mentorship and guidance to help fuel their business growth. It’s ideal for the person needing accountability, encouragement, increased clarity and confidence.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Formulate your 'Vision' & Kick-start your new Business Venture (4 Week Program)

This program has been packaged to suit the start-up business owner on a shoe-string budget, and includes an initial 2.0 hour consultation with Federico. Your time spent with Federico will help you formulate your Vision for your new venture based on your specific idea, as well as help you gain the confidence and clarity to kick-start your business and achieve your goals and objectives.

'Build an Action Plan' and your Road to Success (4 Week Program)

This comprehensive program includes an initial 2.0 hour private session with Federico, where he will diagnose the health status of your business operation; followed by the provision of a strategic and detailed ‘Action Plan’, tailored for your business, to help scale up your venture to the next level of success. You will have a further and final opportunity to meet with Federico and receive a 1.0 hour private session to review the plan, and prioritise next steps with his guidance and business building expertise.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

‘Business Builder Accelerator’ (4 Month Program)

A 4 month comprehensive business / personal development program, consisting of business mentoring & coaching, mindset training, and business advisory. Designed for the enterprising individual / aspiring entrepreneur seeking accelerated growth with their venture, and transformational results within realistic timeframes.

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