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Influencer Marketing

Federico offers a unique and compelling Influencer Marketing Service comprising of business editorial, video interviews, social media advertising and blog posts, and video and article syndication.

This bespoke service is ideal for enterprising individuals, aspiring entrepreneurs, disruptors, pioneers, or business owners needing rapid media exposure to expose their profile, products and services, across a range of media channels including magazines, social media, online platforms, and more.

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Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
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This bespoke service is designed for the aspiring influencer, or enterprising individual seeking to lift their public profile across social media and other digital platforms, with the aim of attracting significantly more followers, connections, and key stakeholders to their profile and business. Kick-start your career as an ‘Influencer’ and start capitalising on your public profile.

InspireTalk Interviews

Federico draws upon his solid experience in journalism, freelance writing, and his many inspiring interviews with Business Celebrities, Serial Entrepreneurs, CEO’s of Top-tier Companies.

His Melbourne TV show InspireTalk, showcases the stories of successful business leaders with a compelling story; or aspiring entrepreneurs pioneering and disrupting their industry sector with their products and services.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Feature Stories / Business Editorial

Federico is an experienced freelance writer and has contributed to popular business magazines within Australia and across the globe including Virgin, Entrepreneur.com, CEO, Business First, Dynamic Business, Inside retail, Think & Grow Rich, Wealth Creator, My Business, OH Magazine, Silicon Valley Globe (US), and others.

Federico’s specialities include leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, consumer trends & online sales, investment, lifestyle, money, mindset, growth strategies, and an array of other compelling topics suitable for a broad market including the start-up community, aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, investors, CEO’s, and other enterprising individuals.

If you are looking to showcase your story, profile your brand, products, or services across the media, via a selection of business publications, you can rely on Federico’s editorial and copy-writing experience and industry contacts.

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Publish Your Own Book

Federico can assist with his editorial, copywriting, and publishing services.

Some of Federico's Signature Pieces Include


OH Magazine:

CEO Magazine:

Dynamic Business Magazine:

Think & Grow Rich Magazine:

Inside Retail Magazine:

Prime Mover Magazine:

  • The New Face of Heavy Vehicle Maintenance (February print & online edition)

Video Interviews

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Interview with Taryn Williams

Explore how a female entrepreneur disrupted the advertising industry with her innovative business

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
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Interview with Tom Griffith

Explore how the co-founders of Emma & Toms built their Juicing Empire

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Interview with Andrew Stark

How a Security Expert built his reputation whilst mitigating risk and protecting the welfare of his Clients

Suggested Programs

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

4-Hr Workshop - ‘Attract Key Stakeholders to your Business across the Digital Media Landscape’

This Half-Day (4-hour) Private Workshop, is most suited for the Aspiring Entrepreneur, CEO, or Company Founder.

The program is tailored to assist enterprising individuals seeking to build their online presence, with a core focus around elevating their INFLUENCER REPUTATION, and personal profile across the digital / media landscape; as well as strategically positioning their Company brand, products and services into the marketplace.

Please contact Federico directly for a confidential discussion regarding your specific PR needs, via phone 0408510378, or email federico@creativeentrepreneur.com.au.

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