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Foster an Entrepreneurial Culture through Innovative Leadership

  • The Cluster 17/31 Queen Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia (map)


A half-day / 4 hour program commencing at 9.30am and finishing at 12.30pm.

Event held at The Cluster in a covenient CBD location in Melbourne.

Session is limited to a maximum of 12 participants. Course notes and refreshments will be provided.


Richard Branson openly proclaims that he could not have built his Virgin Empire into more than 200 companies worldwide, without the help of his entrepreneurial employees, or ‘intrapreneurs’. 

It is also a known fact that the success of many companies like Google, 3M, Sony, Toyota, Lego, and Apple, is mostly attributed to the innovative and pioneering ideas of their entrepreneurial team, as well as the progressive leadership of their senior personnel or managers.

In today’s economic environment, businesses need more employees who regularly demonstrate ‘entrepreneurial’ characteristics and work habits to fuel growth.  

Essentially, an Intrapreneur will add value to the organisation beyond what is expected within their role, to set themselves apart from other employees, but fundamentally to fuel innovation and increase the competitive position of the Company they work for.

The success of their Leaders lies in their ability to manage these people through effective and innovative leadership, with a strategic / 21st century style approach that fosters and promotes entrepreneurial thinking across all divisions of the organisation.

Who Should Attend:

CEO’s, Directors, Senior Managers, Business Leaders, Enterprising Individuals, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, and/ or Professionals looking to extend their knowledge in ‘entrepreneurial leadership’.

This program is particularly suitable for progressive organisations that wish to pioneer new product developments or innovative / tech-based services; or capitalise on emerging / technological / consumer trends, to boost their competitive position across the global marketplace.

Learning Objectives:

During this masterclass, you will uncover:

-      The history and impact ‘intrapreneurship’ has had on nations like the US, UK, etc;

-         How founders and business leaders of progressive organisations / start-ups in Australia like Swisse, NBL, World Vision, are leveraging on their entrepreneurial staff to fuel growth and innovation;

-        How to effectively influence internal and external stakeholders to financially and emotionally invest in your Company vision and mission;

-      How to explore and capitalise on the entrepreneurial potential or ‘emotional intelligence’ of your personnel, by leveraging on their skillset, mindset, shared vision, etc;

-        Practical ways you can transform innovative ideas into commercially viable products or services, keeping into account financial and operational restraints;

-        How to achieve the right balance and build a team consisting of intrapreneurs and conventional (non-entrepreneurial) employees; as well as managing conflict, competition, alienation, etc;

-        How to deal with the internal challenges that come with innovation including risk mitigation, red tape, bureaucracy, financial barriers, etc;

-        Effective management techniques to retain staff and build loyalty of your intrapreneurs, through incentives, profit share, increased accountability, etc;

Core Topics Covered:

-        Thought Leadership

-        Organisational Culture

-        Innovation / Technology

-        Entrepreneurship

-        Intrapreneurship

-        Emotional Intelligence

-        Mindset Training

-        Professional Development

-        Business Development

- New Product Development


To understand more about these topics, click on the links below.  These include editorials and videos where Federico and his Guests share their views on effective / entrepreneurial leadership:


·     Intrapreneurial Leadership – A fine balancing act

·     The Exponential Value of Entrepreneurial Employees

·     Why SME's should be hiring Entrepreneurial Employees

·     The Myth of the Intrapreneur

·     The Myth of the Intrapreneur - revisited

·     Intrapreneurship – the silver bullet to success

·     Dawn of the Intrapreneur

·     Recruiting the Entrepreneurial Employee: why Business Leaders need these Innovators

·     The Intrapreneur – why SME’s need these Innovators


·     Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing: the formula to success for a top tier Wellness Brand (Swisse)

·     How to establish a 'Sustainable' Business as seen through the eyes of a Sports Business Leader (NBL)

·     Adapt, Disrupt, & Collaborate: the formula to success for a Social Innovator (World Vision)


“The Intrapreneurship Leadership program was enormously valuable in helping me bridge the gap between technical proficiency and business viability.  Federico was instrumental in enhancing my mindset to help me leverage on my entrepreneurial instincts.”

Elizabeth Chase (Principal Solicitor) – Chase Legal


“I have recently completed Federico's Intrapreneurial program and have found it invaluable in allowing me to become more entrepreneurially minded within my workplace. This mentality has been beneficial in the sales environment as I am now more proactive and look for opportunities to innovate.”

  Stavros Hadjiyanni (Sales Consultant) – LJ Hooker


“Federico has given me an insight into ‘intrapreneurship’, which has enabled me to focus more on developing the desired entrepreneurial culture within my organisation.  His expertise in business leadership, human resources management, and change management has been invaluable.”

 Frank Hojerslev (Chief Executive Officer & Director) – Wind Energy Holding Ltd


“Working with Federico has been an absolute pleasure. Whether it’s focusing on personal development or focusing on business growth, he made a big impact.”

 Adam Weraksa (National Head of Real Estate & Property) -  Command Recruitment


“Federico Re is an incredibly knowledgeable and well spoken thought leader. I have been part of his workshop where he trained business owners about branding and the importance of this as a business owner. He provided so much value and an opportunity to think creatively about my business and how to ensure I am attracting my ideal client.”

 Lynne Stockdale (Learning & Development Specialist) - Woolworths Group