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Business Coaching Melbourne, Exclusive and unique range of entrepreneurial workshop and programs designed for the business owner, enterprising individual.

be prepared to make the necessary changes in your daily habits and mindset to improve general performance.
— Federico Re

Federico delivers an exclusive and unique range of entrepreneurial bespoke workshop and masterclass programs designed for the business owner, enterprising individual, or person seeking to improve their outcome on life; whether it's personal or business related.

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Each program has been carefully developed and finetuned, based on Federico's extensive experience in business of nearly two decades, combined with his formal and accredited NLP ('Neuro Linguistics Programming') training, and 'Decisionship' methodology training which he acquired at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.

You can select a 'private' (one-on-one) session and receive personalised / tactical consultancy and coaching; or alternatively participate in small group classes (generally between 2-6 people) and learn from other individuals about their experiences and their journey, as well as from your coach.  You can also opt for in-house training tailored for your specific organisational needs.

'Workshop' programs are generally 2 hours in duration.  Current programs include:

  • 'Believe in Yourself. Just do It'

  • 'Develop the Entrepreneurial Mindset'

  • 'The Art of Thinking Big'

  • 'Learn from Failure. Create Success'

'Masterclass' programs are typically 4 hours, or half a day, in length.  Current programs include:

  • 'Develop the Millionaire Mindset and Have it All'

  • 'Become an Entrepreneurial Employee'

'In-house' programs are typically 1 day in length.  A 4- week short course option is also available.  Current programs include:

  • 'Train your Entrepreneurial Eye'

You will discover Federico's recipe for ultimate success, as well as develop the critical tools needed to survive and prosper in business and in your profession.

Federico's prime objective in all of his programs is to motivate and empower his participants, as well as re-focus their attention towards key goals and priorities.  

This in turn will enhance general performance, productivity, resilience, and a healthier state of mind.